WWOOFer Forum Goes Live (but needs your love)

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WWOOFer Forum Goes Live (but needs your love)

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WWOOF and Aquaculture

This year we’ve added two BIG features to the web site.

The first feature that’s working well is the ability for Hosts to add up to two photos when they register. Not all the newest hosts are uploading photos but the majority of them are. So when browsing the details directory of hosts look for photos at the top of their detail listing in the Host Directory.

Remember only registered WWOOFers can see the Host contact details but anyone can see the directory detail photos without logging in.

We, at WWOOF China get pretty excited every time we see a photo of a new Host farm. We hope you will too! (spoiler alert-chickens).

The other feature we just rolled out… TODAY is the WWOOFer forum. We want you to be excited about this feature too because without you, the forum is just a hollow shell of a WWOOFer exchange.

Some of you have already been WWOOFing in China and some of you are making plans. Those who have already gone and visited a diverse range of hosts, have a wealth of practical, REAL KNOWLEDGE to share with those who are going but aren’t there yet. In the future we plan to implement a Host forum and a “Host looking for WWOOFer – WWOOFer looking for Hosts” forum.

You can make a big difference in the success of a new WWOOFer’s experience.


So we are asking YOU, the WWOOFers to log in, think about your experiences, plans, WWOOFing dreams, expectations, challenges, hurdles and rewards, and then SHARE THEM in the forum. Make a new topic and post it. Use one of the existing topics.

Please be sure to read the forum rules and guidelines, as they will make the forums a fun and fruitful place to share and learn, just like the WWOOF program.

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