Visa for China and Hong Kong What You Need to Know!

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Visa for China and Hong Kong What You Need to Know!

The number one issue we hear about from WWOOFers is that they didn’t get their Visa’s in the time frame they want to visit China and WWOOF. Applying for your Visa before your visit is the first step to WWOOFing successfully in any country. And the rules may be different in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and that is why it is very important to plan your WWOOF vacation in advance of your actual travel.

WWOOF China does not advise about obtaining a visa but we have included some links to help you better understand. You do need a valid passport and in some cases additional documentation, tickets or evidence of travel and departure. You can learn more about obtaining a Visa to Hong Kong here.

Chinese VisaTravel to China requires a different Visa depending on your country of origin, purpose and length of stay. China wants you to apply for a Chinese visa from the Chinese embassy in your home country, Yet, while that remains the official rule, you may be able to get a tourist visa for China while you are in Hong Kong, but this still has some risk as your timetable may not work with the time frame required. There may be other factors that influence your Visa so be sure to do your research and application in advance.

If you find the process of applying for a China Visa complex tour and travel agencies may be able to issue business visas to visitors or at least advise and assist you. It should always be free to inquire. 

Depending on your citizenship this may affect which application you complete. Remember WWOOF is not a work organization but instead a tourist program to visit and learn on organic farms in china. This may be considered volunteering by some countries. You can learn more about applying for a tourist Visa here and full information about your Visa to the China mainland here.

Remember to always present your printed WWOOFer Permit, available in your WWOOF Dashboard once you are registered. WWOOF China requests all hosts to ask to see your identification and Permit when you arrive. Register today and start planning your WWOOF China Vacation!

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