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 “Our farm is located in a small village located in the Pearl River a tributary of the South River, close to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities only 1 hour, the traffic is very convenient. Farm to grow vegetables, fruit trees, and raise a small amount of poultry (such as chickens, ducks, etc.) for their own consumption. Welcome international friends to our farm, guests, communication, learning!”

WWOOFing promotes learning through actual experience.

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“We are a farm about 1.5 hectare with application of organic farming and permaculture, founded in Mar 2012. There are common room, kitchen, bath room without shower and one guest room which can host 4-5 visistors at a time.”

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? What to expect?

WWOOF China is an exchange program where all meals, accommodation, and genuine learning & experience are given to the volunteer (the WWOOFer) in return for him or her helping the Host with the activities they perform between 3-5 hours a day.

While WWOOFing in China you are a tourist and not a worker.

Visas are entirely your responsibility. Neither the WWOOFChina organization nor WWOOF China Hosts, can sponsor or support you in any way on visas matters. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility for a visa to China, go here Chinese Tourist Visa Information and navigate to the page concerning visas. If, after you have applied and paid for WWOOF China membership, you find you are unable to obtain a visa, a refund will not be given.

Use every method the Host has provided to make contact: Telephone, email, etc. Don’t rely on email alone unless that is all the host has provided. The telephone is often the best method to make contact and arrangements with WWOOF China Hosts.

Allow 3-6 weeks to contact hosts before you travel.

WWOOFers can stay as long or as short a time as they can make arrangements with Hosts to do so. There is typically NO money exchanged between WWOOFer and Host.

WWOOFers must obtain their own Visa’s and any other required documents. WWOOF China does not advise on obtaining Visa’s or Passports.

WWOOF China recommends travel insurance.

WWOOFing is cultural exchange in which WWOOFers live and work as guests with Hosts, learning hands-on through actual experience, new practices, new cultures and new friends.



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WWOOFChina也加入到这个著名的组织当中,并将获得飞速的发展。我们满怀信心的看到了WWOOFchina 光明的未来。



 * WWOOF China does not share, trade or sell your personal information or email to any organization or web site. Host contact information is available and visible to registered WWOOFers only.