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      Please read before you begin using the forums

      Only registered WWOOFers who have completed their subscriptions have access to WWOOF China forums. If you have not yet completed your subscription you can complete your registration here.

      These are the forum rules. Please read in full. Use of the forum represents your agreeing to all terms and conditions and policies of this webs site.

      Before using the forums, you need to read the Terms and Conditions of Site Use. These incorporate many terms and conditions which apply to your use of this web site. Before posting a question, please about how the WWOOF China program works, or what you need to do to get started, read the FAQ page.

      Posts should not include insults, name-calling, insinuations or any manner of accusations. We reserve the right to remove any post we find objectionable. We may or may not notify you if your post is removed. WWOOF China owns all content on this web site and retains the right to edit or delete any content on it’s pages or forums.

      The forums are not to be used to berate, belittle, humiliate or any attempt to harm the reputation or integrity of either WWOOFer or Host. If you have a complaint about either a WWOOFer or Host please use the contact form to communicate with the Web Administrator for this web site. We will conduct an investigation.

      Although you are posting here anonymously, your IP address is tracked (per the Privacy Policy) and we do have your email; if law enforcement asks, we would be legally obliged to share such information. If you threaten harm to self or others, you should be aware that we may share your information with law enforcement.

      If you post your information, someone searching for your name, email, etc. will be stumbling upon this website for a long time. (Note that automated bots search the internet for email addresses to use for spam, so posting your email address on the forums isn’t even a great idea if you are a well-known industry figure.)

      Private Messages in the Forum
      Don’t post private messages publicly. Do not quote private messages in the forums.
      If you have an issue or complaint, please use the contact form FIRST to let us know there is an issue so we may investigate.

      Policy on commercial and promotional activity
      If the main purpose of your post in a thread is to drive traffic to your website or advertise your business, it’s a form of spam. It is likely it will lead to being banned from the use of this web site permanently. Registration or payment to use the site DOES NOT give you or anyone besides the site owners, permission to advertise or solicit on this site. Advertising is not allowed except by the site owners.

      Links to websites in forum posts
      Hosts may link to their farm websites but not to any other commercial enterprise. WWOOFers may not add links to any website in their posts. WWOOF China reserves the right to monitor, edit or delete any post for any reason. Other WWOOF organizations may not post links in the forums. This will result in immediate banning and deletion of your posts.

      Products and Services
      WWOOF China does not permit posts about a product or service. Do not pretend to be a customer if you have a connection with a business. You may NOT attempt to sell any product or service on this web site.

      Warning about internet safety and your identity
      Do not assume anyone is who they say they are including people who claim to be Hosts or WWOOFers. Be cautious and think carefully about the possible risks before you make plans to meet someone “in real life or exchange any personal information for any reason.

      Please do be civil to others. Attacking ideas is okay, attacking people is not. It should be obvious that calling others names is not permitted. Please do not post the same message on multiple threads.

      Please refrain from using commonly acknowledged swear or curse or at least the FCC identified naughty words in your posts. Doing so may get your post deleted. You will not be warned before this happens.

      It should also go without saying that swearing at other users is not permitted. If you have an issue with a Host or WWOOFer tell us FIRST using the Contact form so we may investigate and do our best to keep the program healthy and friendly.

      Please don’t use all caps in your posts. Using all caps on internet forums is considered to be like shouting.

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