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Host Code: 3207

  • Province: Guangdong Province 广东省
  • Nearest large city: GuangZhou and Shenzhen

  • Languages spoken at home: Chinese and English

  • Home location:
    On a farm 农场

  • Home description:

    Xincai Original Ecological Farm is located in the deep Luofu Mountain Range of Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, far away from the downtown area, and there is no industrial pollution around.  Xincai strictly follows the planting standards of organic and natural farming methods, and is an original organic vegetable cultivation experience farm.  The management projects of the farm include planting vegetables, breeding pig and chicken, accommodation, farming experience and natural science education. It not only provides customers with fresh organic vegetables, but also a good place for family leisure vacations and company team activity!

  • WWOOFer duration of stay:
    All Year 所有年份

  • Children OK: Yes

  • Are you vegetarian: No, we do not exclude meat

  • How many WWOOFers at one time:

  • Climate:
    Subtropical climate

  • Time of year WWOOFers may visit:
    All Year 所有年份

  • Type of host:
    Vegetable Farm 菜园
    Flower Farm 花卉
    Crafts 工艺
    Permaculture 永续农业
    Organic Farm 有机农场

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  • Farm organically:    Yes (我们从来没有使用农药)

  • Use animal waste for fertilizer 在您耕种过程中您只用动物粪便作为肥料吗:    Yes 是

  • Raise animals 您饲养家禽或家畜吗:    Yes 是

  • Animals fed chemicals or medicine 在您饲养家禽或家畜的过程中您使用化学添加剂或药物吗:    No 没有

  • Use chemical pesticides to control insects/disease 您使用化学杀虫剂来控制昆虫或农作物疾病吗:    No 没有

  • Use chemical fertilizers in your farming 在您耕种过程中您使用化学肥料吗:    No 没有

  • Farm naturally 在您耕种过程中您让作物自然生长么:    Yes 是

  • Would like to learn more about organic farming practices 您想了解更多关于有机农业的信息吗:    Yes 是

  • WWOOFers tasks:
    Farming 农业
    Teaching 教学
    Hand made products 手工制作的产品
    Cleaning house 打扫卫生
    Working in shop 在商店工作
    Making crafts 制作工艺
    Other 其他事情

  • Message to WWOOFers:

    Boys, girls,
    how are you!
    Let me tell you, we welcome you very much. Our farm is a comprehensive farm that combines production and tourism. We also carry out nature education and the cultivation and processing of vanilla products. It is very suitable for those who love life and romance. In addition to the language exchange, we will have organic farming practice and discussion in nature education, and look forward to your coming!

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