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Host Code: 440

    • Province: Jiangsu Province 江苏省
    • Nearest large city: Nanjing, Shanghai
    • Languages spoken at home:
    • Home location: On a farm 农场
    • Home description:


    • WWOOFer duration of stay:
    • Children OK: Yes
    • Are you vegetarian:
    • How many WWOOFers at one time: 4
    • Climate: There are 4 seasons in my city.
    • Time of year WWOOFers may visit: All Year 所有年份
    • Type of host: Vegetable Farm 菜园

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    • Farm organically:    Yes (我们从来没有使用农药)
    • Use animal waste for fertilizer 在您耕种过程中您只用动物粪便作为肥料吗:    No 没有
    • Raise animals 您饲养家禽或家畜吗:   
    • Use chemical pesticides to control insects/disease 您使用化学杀虫剂来控制昆虫或农作物疾病吗:   
    • Use chemical fertilizers in your farming 在您耕种过程中您使用化学肥料吗:   
    • Farm naturally 在您耕种过程中您让作物自然生长么:   
    • Would like to learn more about organic farming practices 您想了解更多关于有机农业的信息吗:   
    • WWOOFers tasks:
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