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Host Code: 2036

  • Province: Guangdong Province 广东省
  • Nearest large city: Shenzhen, Hongkong, and Guangzhou

  • Languages spoken at home: English, Chinese

  • Home location:
    On a farm 农场
    In a rural area 乡村

  • Home description:

    We are an organic and biodynamic farm-based education center in Huizhou, which is close to Shenzhen, Hongkong and Guangzhou . By sharing the lifestyle of the countryside, it enables city dwellers, especially children, be nourished and healed in the beauty of nature. It teaches people agriculture and rural ecology, so that they can better understand the source of their food and nutrition. It shows people how to make arts and crafts out of native natural materials so that they can experience the beauty of nature, and can begin to treasure the environment and all of its resources. They get a sense of what life in the countryside is like by learning about the local culture here. They can learn some environmentally friendly "green" practices to take back home with them. They can also get closer to people and the nature around. With the help of all these experiences, people get nourished and healed.

  • WWOOFer duration of stay:
    Less than a week 不到一个星期
    2 weeks 两个星期
    1 month 三十日内
    Up to 3 months 长达三个月
    All Year 所有年份

  • Children OK: Yes

  • Are you vegetarian: No, we do not exclude meat

  • How many WWOOFers at one time:

  • Climate:
    Huizhou city is located in low latitude, the Tropic of cancer across the city, is a sub tropical monsoon humid climate zone, rainfall, sunny, mild climate. 常年平均年降水量有1770毫米,主要集中在4月份至9月份,年平均气温22℃,无霜期长达350多天。 The average annual precipitation is 1770 mm, mainly from April to September, the annual average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, frost free period is more than and 350 days long. 充沛的降水,无霜期长,充足的日照量,使惠州多数地方的农作物普遍达到一年一两熟,某些区域甚至达到一年三熟。 Abundant rainfall, long frost free period, adequate amount of sunshine, the majority of Huizhou local crops generally reach one or two crops a year, some areas even up to three crops a year.

  • Time of year WWOOFers may visit:
    Spring 春
    Summer 夏
    Autumn 秋
    Winter 冬
    All Year 所有年份

  • Type of host:
    Vegetable Farm 菜园
    Rice Farm 水稻农场
    Tea Farm 茶园
    Poultry 家禽养殖场
    Pig 猪场
    Dairy Farm 奶牛场
    Flower Farm 花卉
    Fishing 钓鱼
    Rural School 农村学校
    Language School 语言学校
    Store or Cafe 店或咖啡厅
    Crafts 工艺
    Permaculture 永续农业
    Forestry 林业
    Organic Farm 有机农场
    Other 其他事情

  • Other details:
    The general help will be mostly about take care of the organic garden and helping with some general work in and outside the house. Sometimes we will have some workshop about handcraft, chinese traditional cooking, outdoor education for families, artistic work, music... So It will be during that time that the helper will give most of his contribution but with a very flexible and relaxed schedule. We are happy if you can share with us your skills, stories, life and joy.Our house is in a traditional Hakka village, so helpers will have the opportunity to learn more about traditions, cooking, history of the place, handcraft and the games with children. Helpers will have also the chance to discover more about organic gardening, sustainability, forestry, nature... all this in a beautiful countryside with clean air. You will have an amazing experience with nature and rich in culture. If you are studying mandarin or you want to learn some basic, you can also practice it here.

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  • Farm organically:    Yes (我们从来没有使用农药)

  • Use animal waste for fertilizer 在您耕种过程中您只用动物粪便作为肥料吗:    Yes 是

  • Raise animals 您饲养家禽或家畜吗:    Yes 是

  • Animals fed chemicals or medicine 在您饲养家禽或家畜的过程中您使用化学添加剂或药物吗:    No 没有

  • Use chemical pesticides to control insects/disease 您使用化学杀虫剂来控制昆虫或农作物疾病吗:    No 没有

  • Use chemical fertilizers in your farming 在您耕种过程中您使用化学肥料吗:    No 没有

  • Farm naturally 在您耕种过程中您让作物自然生长么:    Yes 是

  • Would like to learn more about organic farming practices 您想了解更多关于有机农业的信息吗:    Yes 是

  • WWOOFers tasks:
    Farming 农业
    Chickens 鸡
    Animals 动物
    Forestry 林业
    Teaching 教学
    Help with children 与家人的帮助
    Hand made products 手工制作的产品
    Cleaning house 打扫卫生
    Working in shop 在商店工作
    Making crafts 制作工艺
    Other 其他事情

  • Message to WWOOFers:

    My name is Weihe Hu, I have been worked as a gardener and gardening class teacher at Chengdu Waldorf School for many years, and I have done a course about Biodynamic and organic agriculture for two years in England. After working as consultant for 4 years, I decided to go back to my home, Huizhou, a city next to Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
    I started my own organization, Tian Yuan Bang Field Center. We offer weekend courses for children and adults, and summer winter camp as well. T Y B Field Center is base at a community supported organic farm, with rolling hills, and a river running through. This is a Hakka village, the hometown of Yap Ah Loy, the Founder of modern Kuala Lumpur, 
    You will see lots of tradition Hakka building in this village.
    We have ranted some old building, and we would love to transform that into our new meeting hall and workshop classrooms, such for field kitchen, woodwork, clay modeling, pottery and art .
    You are welcome to join us.We would love to learn from you and see what we can do together.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,
    Weihe Hu

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