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Host Code: 2071

  • Province: Sichuan Province 四川省
  • Nearest large city: Lanzhou

  • Languages spoken at home: Tibetan, English, Mandarin Chinese

  • Home location:
    In a rural area 乡村
    In a small town 小城镇

  • Home description:

    The large homestay house has two empty floors. A whole floor has been set aside for volunteer accommodation. Another floor serves as classroom. It is important that these communal areas are kept as clean as possible, so we will to set up a cleaning rota for the days that the volunteers are there. If you can bring a sleeping bag and roll mat, that’s a big plus although we have simple bedding on site.

    Food will be cooked in the house, and we like to ask for a small donation towards the food cost. The program is run entirely as a labour of love for the town and its inhabitants and delicious home-cooked food from simple local ingredients will be cooked for the volunteers. All we ask in return is a small donation (something around 1-2USD per day - 7-15RMB depending on your individual resources) towards food costs. On a casual basis help in the kitchen and with trips to the market or to local farms will also be appreciated. If you have any dietary requirements just let us know in advance.

  • WWOOFer duration of stay:
    Less than a week 不到一个星期
    2 weeks 两个星期
    1 month 三十日内

  • Children OK: Discuss with Host prior to visit

  • Are you vegetarian: No, we do not exclude meat

  • How many WWOOFers at one time:

  • Climate:
    Cold and snowy in the winter, pleasant and mild in the summer

  • Time of year WWOOFers may visit:
    All Year 所有年份

  • Type of host:
    Rural School 农村学校
    Private Home 城市的私人住宅
    Language School 语言学校
    Crafts 工艺
    Other 其他事情

  • Other details:
    VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME FROM FEBRUARY 2 TO FEBRUARY 25. Hongxing is located in a mainly ethnically Tibetan area of Mingshan County, Sichuan Province, China. Situated high on the Tibetan Plateau and surrounded by mountains, the town’s main economy is from agriculture, including fishing, pig farming and wheat farming. Very few tourists visit the area. In this project we plan to set up a regular English language club for local children, and a Tibetan culture exchange program for local adults. Volunteers with special skills such as teaching qualifications or arts and crafts skills are particularly are in demand, volunteers with no teaching experience are also welcomed! Since this project is still in its infancy, the first sets of volunteers will be helping to promote the language and culture classes, visiting schools and centres, talking to lots of people, and getting to know the town intimately. We predict that volunteers will be working for 2-5 hours a day, with 2 days a week off (not necessarily weekends, but you can request your own days off. This relaxed schedule is one of the reasons we ask for a donation towards food costs. We provide some resources for fun English teaching games, but if you have your own ideas you are welcome to try them out – the idea is to get everyone having fun together! The cultural exchange sessions are informal, volunteer led, and in English and Mandarin through a translator.

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  • Farm organically:    No (我们不耕种有机)

  • Use animal waste for fertilizer 在您耕种过程中您只用动物粪便作为肥料吗:    We are not a farm (不是农场)

  • Raise animals 您饲养家禽或家畜吗:    We are not a farm (不是农场)

  • Use chemical pesticides to control insects/disease 您使用化学杀虫剂来控制昆虫或农作物疾病吗:    No 没有

  • Use chemical fertilizers in your farming 在您耕种过程中您使用化学肥料吗:    We are not a farm (不是农场)

  • Farm naturally 在您耕种过程中您让作物自然生长么:    We are not a farm (不是农场)

  • Would like to learn more about organic farming practices 您想了解更多关于有机农业的信息吗:    Yes 是

  • WWOOFers tasks:
    Teaching 教学
    Help with children 与家人的帮助
    Hand made products 手工制作的产品
    Cleaning house 打扫卫生
    Making crafts 制作工艺
    Other 其他事情

  • Message to WWOOFers:

    When not teaching, volunteers can benefit from the amazing natural and cultural resources the area has to offer. With Davina as English speaking guide, there are beautiful hikes, horse rides and climbing opportunities very close to the house, to experience. You can also visit local farms, and eat with local families. This really is an amazing chance to experience first hand the rich and unique Tibetan culture in this unique window to this special and fascinating culture.

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