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Host Code: 1407

  • Province: Sichuan Province 四川省
  • Nearest large city: Mianyang

  • Languages spoken at home: Mandarin, Sichuan dialect, English

  • Home location:
    On a farm 农场
    In a rural area 乡村

  • Home description:

    Hi, My name is zhaolin, we are a big family and live on a farm which is located in southwest China ,Sichuan province ,Mianyang city (the suburb of mianyang city). This farm is mainly runs by my uncle,and the most of my family members work on the farm .
    We raise pigs and fishes on the farm as well as cultivate grapes , some vegetables and lots of flowers(currently the farm is not organic completely but that's the goal we are pursuing ) while those are not the only things we do to run this ecological farm, besides we do lots of work to restore the local ecosystem ranges from trees planting to lakes purifying . I'd say it is a tough work to do in today's China where more and more people focus on GDP increasing which is another word of money making without paying much attention on environmental protection and morality conservation . while we believe it's vital to keep a good relationship between man and nature, as that's the key for human's future development and our next generations' happy life, and that's why we choose to run this ecological farm instead of making everything on the farm into money.
    Though facing with such a tough circumstance we insist doing the things we believe in with supporting from all of my family members and the locals , what's more we are lucky that we also get supporting from all over the world --The volunteers , who come from different parts of the world to do volunteering to help us make the farm more ecological and more beautiful , so we my family are not alone here in such a peaceful corner of China, we appreciate the volunteers' contribution through their hard work to the farm as well as different cultures and great ideas they brought us which enriches our mother culture and way to look the world ,so happy with the time we spent with volunteers.
    In return , we try our best to push the farm to a place where volunteers could get close to nature , experience farm life and different cultures as well as friendship been formed .Hopefully we'd love to help them to see China from a different perspective compared with big cities .

  • WWOOFer duration of stay:
    Up to 3 months 长达三个月

  • Children OK: Discuss with Host prior to visit

  • Are you vegetarian: No, we do not exclude meat

  • How many WWOOFers at one time:

  • Climate:
    hot and humid during summer , cool and dry during winter

  • Time of year WWOOFers may visit:
    Summer 夏
    Winter 冬

  • Type of host:
    Vegetable Farm 菜园
    Poultry 家禽养殖场
    Pig 猪场
    Flower Farm 花卉
    Fishing 钓鱼
    Forestry 林业
    Other 其他事情

  • Other details:
    house work , some laboring

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  • Farm organically:    No (我们不耕种有机)

  • Use animal waste for fertilizer 在您耕种过程中您只用动物粪便作为肥料吗:    Yes 是

  • Raise animals 您饲养家禽或家畜吗:    Yes 是

  • Animals fed chemicals or medicine 在您饲养家禽或家畜的过程中您使用化学添加剂或药物吗:    Yes 是

  • Use chemical pesticides to control insects/disease 您使用化学杀虫剂来控制昆虫或农作物疾病吗:    No 没有

  • Use chemical fertilizers in your farming 在您耕种过程中您使用化学肥料吗:    No 没有

  • Farm naturally 在您耕种过程中您让作物自然生长么:    Yes 是

  • Would like to learn more about organic farming practices 您想了解更多关于有机农业的信息吗:    Yes 是

  • WWOOFers tasks:
    Farming 农业
    Animals 动物
    Forestry 林业
    Cleaning house 打扫卫生
    Other 其他事情

  • Message to WWOOFers:

    Hi , welcome to join us the international family and let's make the farm more beautiful. In return , different cultures you may experience and to see the country from a different perspective , also friendship formed and great ideas share as everyone on the farm have enough freedom for speech and activities , what's more , nice sichuan cuisine you can enjoy during your stay .
    Do not hesitant to contact with me and ask me any questions about volunteering on the farm.

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